Dusting off the manuscript 

Now that the band is back together, we concluded that we ought to give finalize and put Maelstrom to bed.

We've been very fortunate with this project. We got it produced in 2009 and had a very good, and challenging time in putting it on. We recorded a performance both with video and audio, and have released an album with that recording (which can be streamed at most major services, or can be bought on Apple, Amazon, and CDBaby).

Unfortunately, the recordings weren't the of the highest quality, so alas, we have our memories.

Maelstrom was produced again in 2015 by the Kitsap Fringe Opera, and again in 2016 by Opera Bend. For both of these productions, Ben and I had to do some slight re-writes for the performers, and now we're left with an updated opera.

So, here's what we're doing... we're recording and mixing everything in our studio to have an official "for release" recording.

We're quite far along in the process, only needing to get singers signed, recorded, and mixed. Then, it's the release. From here, it'll be interesting to see what hurdles the universe has in store.

Reunited, and it feels so good 

So, about a year ago, my friend and writing partner Ben Larson relocated to Minneapolis so he could have a better path for his career ambitions. Of course, I was super excited about having such a great friend so much closer, but aside from the occasional dinner together I didn't get to see him as much.

Well, circumstances being as they are, I was able to make a huge life decision which will allow Ben and I to "reunite the clans" and we are re-launching the Ben and Reed music studio. 

We have a number of projects that are on the docket, so stay tuned as we complete some stuff, or at a minimum, shoot out some updates.