...a delicious 90 minutes of high concept pandemonium.”

— Willamette Week of Maelstrom - The Zombie Opera

Composition and Scoring Highlights

Current -- Working on a studio concept album, multiple librettos and music for Ballet, Opera, and Musicals

2016 | ShamFiction -- Podcast -- Ongoing with new music composed for special episodes

2016 | Cain & Ricks Trilogy -- 3 Comedic trailers for a Minneapolis comedy troupe

2015 | ​Comic Questers ‘97​ -- Short film - Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Fest Nominee - Best Film, Winner - Sound

2014 | ​I Stole a Lot of Money!​ -- Short film - Four Points Film Project Winner and Top 20 finalist

2014 | Meanwhile... At the Citadel of Superheroes -- Short film - 2017 San Diego Comic Con Film Winner, Z-Fest Winner

2013 | You Only Die Once! -- Short film - Director's Workshop Winner, Official Selection South Dakota Film Festival

2012 | ​Put a Ring on It​ -- Short film - Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Fest Winner, and Best Original Score

2012 | ​Nimble​ -- Pilot for web series

2011 | Limpwings -- Feature length independent film

2010| "...and the Spell of the Eastern Sea was Upon Me." -- Semi-finalist in PSU composition competition

2010 | ​Curtain Call​ --16 episode web series. Co-composed score with Ben Larson, including an original song

2009 | ​Maelstrom - The Zombie Opera ​-- Produced by SOAP/TASO and co-written with Ben Larson -- Portland, OR 

2009 | One In Nine -- Feature length independent film

Sample Videos

"Meanwhile," won several awards nationally, and was invited to a number of different film festivals, including the 2017 San Diego Comic Con, where it won its category. Two Jackets Productions.

"Guiron" was nominated as a semi-finalist for a Filmusik scoring competition in Portland, OR.

Cain & Ricks is a completely improvised Buddy Cop adventure. Starring: Josh Kuehn, and MJ Marsh. Normally performed on stage, the trailer trilogy was created to promote an improv show.

This short film was shown on the first night of The Justice Conference 2011. Co-Composed with Ben Larson.